Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Sulphur Breed in California Riding Magazine!

The May Spanish breeds issue for the California Riding Magazine features the Spanish Sulphur breed. Article written by me. :)

Here is the online magazine that you can view now!

Monday, April 12, 2010

La Victoria in April Dressage Clinic

Training lesson by former Olympic games judge Jill Beltran. Photos by Hanah Fields-Austin.

Her head appears wedge shaped, but that isn't accurate as she does not have a wedge shaped head. Good photo anyways!

Dressage Clinic with Jill B.

I attended a dressage clinic yesterday with a trainer that was wait listed for the Olympics. Jill B. (can't remember last name... terrible with people names anyways! lol). Clinic went really well! There was a gal there that even knew what a Sulphur is! Said she has always wanted one! Very cool! A lot of other people there were asking what breed she was so I gave them a brief run down as to what a Sulphur is. Got some video of me and Victoria riding in the clinic. She did great! We walk, trot, cantered, bending, counter bending at walk, trot, canter, and bending on a straight line. Victoria tends to stiffen her neck. So, all of the exercises were to teach her to free up her shoulders which would free up her neck. The trainer said that Victoria improved A LOT in such a short lesson! Smart horse! She also said that it is clear that Victoria trusts me a lot and that she really, really likes me. lol hope so! The gal that knew what a Sulphur is even knew a breed trait in that once a Sulphur trusts you and they are your friend that they will go to the moon for you! So true! Even when Victoria is really scared of something, she still tries to please me!

Oh and I gotta say that walkie talkies are a God send for lessons! Hook one to your pants or riding boot and the instructor can communicate with you without screaming their heads off because the wind is blowing too hard or you are too far away to hear them. Makes for a much more relaxed communication style! Of course, your horse must not mind the odd sounds that walkie talkies make, etc. Victoria didn't bat an eye lash!

Video will be uploaded shortly, hopefully.