Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update on Catarina Sforza de España Antigua

Here is Catarina Sforza de España Antigua at 5 months old and at 8 months old. Catarina is for sale to a breeding and show home. If you have interest in Catarina, please email Kimberlee at

Catarina is a very athletic, fast, intelligent, and sweet filly that has a tremendous amount of potential in either working equitation or dressage. She will most likely mature at 15HH which will also allow her to be used in endurance or just trail riding if her new owner wished to. This breed is not of a light build, but of a smooth muscled and sturdy build. Thus, a full grown man would be easily carried by this mare when she is mature.

Catarina at 5 months old:

Catarina at 8 months old:

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